SIL is currently accepting new funding proposals for seafood research projects. 

Please use the Funding Proposal Template for any new research funding application and follow the application guidelines when completing it.

Proposals are Assessed against SIL's Project Assessment Tool and Vision Matauranga Tool.

If you would like informal feedback on a synopsis of your project, please use the Outline Template  

Please Contact SIL if you require further information.

Proposal Development Funding

SIL offers assistance to help NZ seafood companies to develop proposals for Seafood Innovations Funding.  We will pay the full cost of engaging a professional, independent proposal writer to turn your ideas into a research proposal.  We have list of approved contractors available, with professional experience writing proposals.  More info

What might SIL fund?

Potentially we will support any new research that promises to improve the seafood value chain. Seafood Innovations Ltd (SIL) was set up to assist seafood industry stakeholders to undertake exciting new research and development projects that will add value to your business and to the industry as a whole.

SIL aims to underpin growth of the New Zealand seafood export industry by helping companies to optimise returns on the current seafood harvest through developing innovative, value-added seafood and marine products that utilise, and extract optimum value from, every part of the fish.

In line with SIL's business mission, assistance is aimed at:

  • increasing the value of existing harvests; or
  • reducing harvesting and processing costs; or
  • enhancing consumer-driven product attributes.

We expect to see a significant element of novelty and technical/scientific risk in the research - with outcomes that provide the potential for a significant step forward for the industry. We do not fund "business as usual" projects or compliance issues such as resource consents or management plans. We usually expect to see a partnership between a research provider and one or more industry stakeholder companies.

In order to pitch your project at the right level, we suggest project budgets in the range $50,000 to $500,000 per annum - although projects outside this range may also be considered.

The funding

All research projects must have one or more project sponsors who contribute a minimum of 50% of the total project budget (excluding administration fee - refer below). SIL will contribute up to 50% of the actual project budget. Of the funding provided by the project sponsor(s), at least half must come from seafood industry commercial stakeholders, but may also include individuals or organisations deemed by the SIL Board to be an industry participant.

In addition to this, project sponsors must pay an administration fee to SIL. This fee is currently set at 4.5% of the total project budget. It should be noted that, as part of the SIL agreement with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, sponsor contributions to the project costs must be cash. In-kind contributions are not eligible for matching funding.

Reporting standards for SIL funded projects

All projects funded by SIL are required to provide progress reports according to the following standard.

SIL reserves the right to modify these standards.