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The Gear Innovations Pathway program facilitates a grass-roots approach to gear innovation in the inshore sector of New Zealand fisheries. More information can be found here:

About Us

Seafood Innovations Ltd is a research partnership owned by Seafood New Zealand Limitedand The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited.Its purpose is to promote the carrying out of research relating to the seafood industry in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employmentis a cornerstone funder of the companies research on behalf of the New Zealand Government.

Seafood Innovations Ltd aims to underpin growth of the seafood export industry by increasing returns from the current seafood harvest through developing and commercialising innovative, consumer appealing, value added seafood and marine products.

The industry sees the possibilities of adding value by utilising every part of the fish and developing new products that are appealing to customers and consumers around the world.

Hoki, squid, Greenshell™ mussels, rock lobster, orange roughy and paua are our main exports today, but tomorrow you could see New Zealand seafood as a key ingredient in benefit plus foods, nutraceuticals and new pre-prepared meal offerings for consumers around the world.

SIL's Intellectual Property Policy​​​​​​​ is to maximise the benefit to the NZ Seafood Industry from IP arising from the projects in which it invests.


Seafood Innovations Ltd's mission is to:

  1. Promote industry-initiated research and development projects primarily aimed at
    • Increasing the value of existing harvests
    • Reducing harvesting and processing costs
    • Enhancing consumer-driven product attributes.
  2. Be responsive to the dynamic nature of the seafood industry and adapt its research and development resources to such changes, provided that all seafood industry sectors shall remain eligible for research project funding at all times.