The application process

Before you apply for funding, please read SIL's Funding Application Guidelines.

To get informal feedback on your proposal, complete and submit SIL's Funding Proposal Template.

To formally apply for funding complete and submit SIL's Funding Application Form.

Proposals are considered by SIL's Research Advisory Committee - an expert panel set up to provide recommendations on funding to the SIL Board. The Panel assesses each proposal using SIL's Project Assessment Tool and Vision Matauranga Assessment Tool.

Applicants are also encouraged to use these tool to inform preparation of their research project proposals. 

Applicants will be advised of the outcome within a week of the Board making its decisions.

Confidentiality is very important to SIL - Board members, Research Advisory Committee members and staff are all covered by appropriate confidentiality agreements. All R&D proposals are confidential and remain the property of the applicants until the contents become part of a research contract.

If you need assistance or wish to discuss a potential proposal please get in touch (contact)  

In preparing a proposal, you may find it useful to complete the SIL Contract Tables, as this level of detail will eventually be required if your proposal is approved for funding. Applicants for larger projects should complete these tables as part of their proposal.