SIL has Moved to New Offices

The old Seafood Industry House has been left behind.

We are now located at:

Eagle Technology House
135 Victoria Street
Wellington 6011

Please come to Fish Serve reception on level 6.

Our new Postal Address is:

Seafood Innovations Ltd
PO Box 297
Wellington 6140

All of our other contact details remain unchanged.

SIL Applications for Research Funding 2015

SIL is currently accepting funding applications as they are prepared and is aiming to expedite assessment and approval of these early in the new year.

Proposal documents and project assessment guidelines are available on our website.  

As ever we are more than happy to receive preliminary drafts of proposals for us to provide comment and guidance.

Update on Funding May 2013

SIL has been awarded new Research Partnership funding by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment over seven years.

We have revised our project funding application processes and our funding contract to fully reflect this new opportunity.

SIL is welcoming new applications for project funding for 2013 and beyond.


Seafood Innovations Intellectual Property Policy

The SIL Board has approved a new Policy for handling IP arising from research projects in which we invest.  This new policy is now embedded in our contractual relationship with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, but has in fact been the de facto policy for some time.  This policy document serves to clarify a position that has not always been clearly expressed or clearly understood.


New Zealand Inshore Trawl Gear and Operations Survey 2008 – Report available

This project was funded by SeaFIC and Seafood Innovations Ltd (SIL) with the aim of providing baseline information to facilitate future work by the New Zealand seafood industry focused on identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption.  Information was obtained in face to face interviews with skippers and vessel operators, with the information collected via these questionnaires entered into a database.  

The report provides data on the trawl gear used by, and operations of, vessels in the New Zealand inshore trawl fishery as of mid-2007.  It identifies the configuration, components and nature of trawl gear use in different operations to develop an overall picture of trawl gear use.  The report summarises key findings and, in many cases, presents these on a regional basis to help identify differences worthy of further investigation.  Recommendations for further work are also provided.

Download a copy of the report.  Alternatively, you can contact SIL for a hard copy.

Information contained in the database may be made available to support industry initiatives subject to issues of confidentiality.